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The Backstage Creative

Aug 31, 2021

Heather Augustine is a sound engineer currently getting ready to go out on tour with Mean Girls. We talk about her ten years of touring experience, making mistakes, and why she enjoys mixing shows. 

Aug 24, 2021

Miguel Flores is a Boston based production manager. We talk about setting boundaries, the Boston theater scene, and communication. 

Aug 17, 2021

Celia Kasberg is currently pursing her MFA at Carnegie Mellon University. We talk about working on a degree during a pandemic, advice for people looking for a college to go to, and the structure of a costume shop. 

Aug 11, 2021

Katie Spelman is a New York City based Choreographer. We talk about her work on Moulin Rouge, issues facing women in the industry, and how growing up in Chicago has influenced her work. 

Jul 27, 2021

Ana Maria Aburto is a New York City based painter. We talk about her favorite projects to work on, skills needed to do her job, and what she is excited about right now.